holy shit


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streetstyle/fashion blog right here xx

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This is insane! New York with hurricane sandy!


this is horrible but beautiful


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Remember this word and never forget it.

I showed this to my little sister, she said "thank you for always cheering me up when I’m down, you’re my idol. I want to meet you one day."

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If you cannot read the writing here it is:

Dr Ueno found an abandoned golden-brown Akita pup at the Shibuya station in Japan; 1924. The doctor decided to take him in and name the pup ‘Hachiko’ (Hachi for short). Hachiko became part of the family; during the owners life Hachi will visit the Shibuya station and wait for his owner to greet him after he came back from work, this became part of both of their daily routines.

    A year later in May 1925 Dr Ueno suffered from a cerebral haemorrhage while teaching his class. Even though the owner is now deceased Hachi will go to the same spot and wait for his owner for the next ten years. Local people’ who worked around the station will feed him but there was not anything stopping Hachi from moving. When the owners daughter took Hachi to her new home, the moment the daughters husband opened the door Hachi ran miles and miles all the way back to the station just to sit at that very same spot.

     Eventually, Hachi died from cancer and by filarial (worms). Due to his courageous behaviour and loyalty a bronze statue remains in Shibuya at the same location where Hachi used to sit just to see his owner. Yet people take animals for granted and do not even realise how much love a dog can really give. – Zeba Koli  

Link to the photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=294593410640423&set=a.247029715396793.40217.246840118749086&type=1&theater

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Link to the photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=293130054120092&set=a.247029715396793.40217.246840118749086&type=1&theater

I want everyone to join my ‘Mental disorder awareness week’ campaign. From October 21-28 wear black to represent those who committed suicide and those who have mental illnesses. If you do not own anything black then write the words ‘live on’ anywhere you want.

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Zeba Koli has transformed into a cannibalistic lady.

Items used:

Black liquid eyeliner

Black and white pencil eyeliner

I did this myself, I am so going to do this for Halloween. Hahahah. XD

Link to the photo: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=294000150699749&set=a.247029715396793.40217.246840118749086&type=1&theater

oh god Zeba

you obviously also used a photo editor because it’s not even the same color black in the middle. like what is this. you can’t go around on halloween with a photo-edited mouth

I am going to tell you this straight. Considering I have a real good camera it can blur out anything once the photo is taken, theres a feature on my camera. I did it in black and white as it is creepier that way.

Underneath my nose on the left side it is a lighter shade of grey then looks darker near the edge, does that mean I edited it? No, it’s called lighting. Please go stick to making nachos and salsa mi ‘amiga’ before you try to outsmart us British people’ with your witty comments. It is as dumb as me saying ‘Look at your avatar on tumblr, it’s an anime. You cannot even put a photo up of yourself so you cropped out a photo from an anime, then used that as your profile photo. Blatantly you’re a paedophile, cannot go around the area with a cartoon face you paedo’.

^ Here is another photo I never uploaded, you can see my lip faintly near the middle because of the lights reflection.

That is all I wanted to pin point out. Now goodbye and have a nice day, make sure to drop by to London and have a nice cup of tea with Zeba. =D

loooool oh someone got told.

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